UI Gives Suits to Future Job Seekers

Author: Forrest Saunders


University of Iowa student Andrew Constant knows if he wants to land an engineering job he has to dress to impress.

"A lot of what you get hired on is what you look like, or your image. It might not be right or not, but that's the way it is," said Constant.

That's why, Thursday night, he and handful of other UI students, were searching high and low for business attire tailored to their needs.

"This coat? I found it on the rack. Thought it looked pretty neat," said UI Student Josh Alonso.

Students are at the UI's Pomerantz Career Center for a new program called Suit Up. UI officials give soon to be job seekers a quick course on career networking, then send them to the racks, the clothing racks that is, to pick out up to two free suits, or suit pieces, for any upcoming interviews.

"For students- actually for a lot of us- going out and buying a suit not only can be intimidating, it's costly. So, this is a great opportunity to get a very nice suit," said Angi McKie with the Career Center.

No kidding, "nice." The Center had brands like Burberry, and Italian jackets and pants from stores like Barneys. The UI received this silken selection from a couple of generous donors.

Some of the suits were on the big side, but officials also offered a 20% discount on alterations.

Andrew got what he came here for. He's found a suit to wear. Now he just needs to find a suitable job.

"It's a little big, but it's definitely doable," said Constant.

This is the second time the university has hosted the clothing giveaway, this year. Officials said any stock left over after Thursday night will be given out at another event later this school year.|

Published Date: 
November, 2014