In The News 2018

An archive of articles and media featuring the Pomerantz Career Center.

DITV: Tips on how to find a job

March, 2018


The Pomerantz Career Center is a good place to receive assistance on finding a job from career advisors. LinkedIn is a great app to connect to alumni, as well. Power verbs on a resume make a noticeable difference. Among other things, putting the most relevant information on the top of the resume helps. Lastly, preparing for interview questions, such as “tell me about a time you...


Diplomat-in-Residence helps students explore State Department Careers

January, 2018

Author: Hannah Rakofsky


The diplomat-in-residence for the Midwest visited the University of Iowa on Monday to talk to students who are interested in pursuing fields in the State Department.

Melissa Martinez, a media and communications professional, has worked in the Foreign Service as a public diplomacy officer for 15 years.


Career programs at UI leaving students prepared for workforce

January, 2018

Author: Marissa Payne


Managers across the U.S. report that recent college graduates are not entering the workforce with the skills they need to succeed, but the University of Iowa is boosting programming to counter that with its own graduates.

According to data from Payscale — an online salary, benefits, and compensation company — graduates are 37 percentage points...