Iowa Law Expo

Wednesday, September 29, 2021, Iowa Memorial Union

The Iowa Law Expo is an excellent opportunity for current college students, community members, and pre-law advisors to learn more about law school and the legal profession. The Iowa Law Expo includes a tour of the UI College of Law, a law school fair with representatives from approximately 100 law schools around the country, and breakout sessions for pre-law advisors and students.


Information for Prospective Students / Information for Pre-Law Advisors  / Information for Law School Representatives 


8:00 a.m. – 3 p.m.               Advisor and Student Check-In, Hubbard Commons, Iowa Memorial Union (IMU)


8:30 a.m.                               Depart from Hubbard Commons to walk to UI College of Law


9:00 -10:45 a.m.                   UI College of Law Visit, Boyd Law Building


10:30-11:00 a.m.                 Law Expo 101: Maximize your time at the Iowa Law Expo 

                or                            Join presenters from the University’s Academic Advising Center to learn how to maximize your

11:15 – 11:45 a.m.               experience at the Iowa Law Expo.  This session intended for student attendees.


                                                                *Susan Chambers, Senior Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Center, University of Iowa

                                                                *Courtenay Bouvier, Senior Academic Advisor, Academic Advising Center, University of Iowa


11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m.          Law School Fair, Main Lounge, IMU

Speak with representatives from close to 100 law schools across the country in an open-house tabling event. This session provides the opportunity to gain insights about the law school application process and experience straight from the source, as well as to ask individual questions about specific law schools and the application process at the school. Sponsored by the Midwest Association of Pre-Law Advisors, this session intended for all Expo attendees.

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.        Pre-Law Advisor Workshop


12:30-1:15 p.m.                   Breakout Sessions

  •                                       Law Career Outlook: This session will provide information on placement rates, how career services offices help law students reach their goals, and what you can do with a law degree. A law school director of career services will  discuss career advising and career opportunities in the legal profession and related areas. This session will be helpful in learning more about different career paths for law school graduates and offer insight into the skills needed to be a successful legal practitioner. This session intended for all Expo attendees.

  •                              Law School 101: Preparation & Application: How can you best prepare for law school while an undergrad?  What classes should you take?  What clubs should you join? How and when should you apply to law school?  These questions and more will be answered in this session. This session intended for all Expo attendees.


2:30-3:15 p.m.                      Breakout Sessions

  •                                                         Diversity in Law: Law schools are interested in recruiting students who reflect the rich diversity of our country and seek to create a diverse law school class. Diversity may include a variety of characteristics, such as race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical disabilities, or socioeconomic status. This session is an opportunity for students from diverse backgrounds to get general advice about application procedures and life in law school. Attending the session will allow you to understand the specific challenges that students frodiverse backgrounds face and ask questions of a law school diversity officer and current law students. This session is designed for all Expo attendees
  •                                           Financing Law School: Pursuing a legal education is a significant life decision—one that will allow you to following any number of professional pathways. You may ultimately choose to practice in a corporate firm, go into public interest law or use your legal background in another field. But regardless of where you end up, it is important for you to understand the realities of your student loans and finances now. In this session, we’ll discuss the costs of pursuing legal education, describe the financial aid application process, review the available financing option and identify ways to be financially prepared to achieve your goals

Information for Prospective Students

  • Why You Should Attend
    • You are currently applying to law school.
    • You plan to apply to law school in the future.
    • You are thinking about law school as a potential option.
    • Get advice straight from the experts. Representatives from law schools all over the country will be here in person to answer your questions at the Law School Fair.
    • Gain insight into the law school experience and the legal profession. Learn more about legal careers, financing law school, the law school application process, diversity in the legal profession, and life as a law student during breakout sessions throughout the day.
  • How to Register
    • Registration coming soon!
    • Choose the sessions you would like to attend through the registration form
  • Is a Group from Your School Attending?
    • Check with the pre-law advisors at your school to see if they are bringing a group!
    • Pre-law advisors who bring a group of at least three students will have travel-related expenses of up to $50 per person reimbursed!
  • What to Wear and Bring
    • Business casual dress is suggested.
    • Law schools will record your contact information. You do not need to hand out copies of your resume.
    • Bring your student ID for check in.
  • Parking
    • Directions to the Iowa Memorial Union
    • Parking is available in the IMU ramp or the North ramp. Entrances to both ramps are located on Madison Street.
    • If you intend to apply for reimbursement, please save the parking receipt!
  • Check-in Information
    • If you are going on the Law School Visit at the Boyd Law Building you should check in at 8:00 am at the IMU, Hubbard Commons (south side of the Main Lounge)
    • Students can check-in at any point during the day.
  • Tips and Additional Information
    • Click here for FileTips for Navigating the Law Expo
    • Food and beverages are available for purchase on the ground floor of the IMU in the Union Station Food Court and at The Java House. Please save your receipts if you intend to apply for reimbursement.

Information for Pre-Law Advisors

The UI Law Expo is an excellent way to build your skills as a pre-law advisor.  Attend the pre-law advisor training!  Network with law school admissions personnel from nearly half the accredited law schools in the country. Meet your colleagues from throughout the region.  Provide your students a fantastic professional development opportunity!  And the best part? 

MAPLA will pay YOU to attend a MAPLA Law School Caravan Event!!

registration coming soon!!

You can receive reimbursement for expenses related to bringing students to the Iowa Law Expo! 

  • To qualify for reimbursement you must be a member of MAPLA and be from an institution outside of the city in which the Caravan event is located.
  • MAPLA members who bring at least three students are eligible to apply for travel assistance scholarships at the following rates:  
  • Minimum: three students plus an advisor—MAPLA will reimburse your actual expenses up to $200
  • For every additional student you bring, you will receive up to an additional $50/per student. For example, an advisor with six students receives reimbursement for all expenses incurred up to a maximum of $350 (7 persons @ $50 each)
  • Bring as many students as possible—there is no upper limit!
  • Detailed information about reimbursement is available at: 

You do NOT have to be a MAPLA member to attend a MAPLA Law School Caravan event—they are always free and open to the public. If you are interested in joining MAPLA, membership for advisors is $40 per year. Learn more at:

The Iowa Law Expo is part of the MAPLA Law School Caravan. The Midwest Association of Pre-Law Advisors (MAPLA) supports pre-law advising efforts throughout the Midwest. The Law Expo is also sponsored by colleges, departments, and organizations at the University of Iowa including the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the Tippie College of Business, the College of Law, the Academic Advising Center, the Pomerantz Career Center, and Phi Alpha Delta.

  • Parking
    • Directions to the Iowa Memorial Union
    • Parking is available in the IMU ramp or the North ramp, both entrances located on Madison St.
    • If you intend to apply to MAPLA for reimbursement, please save the parking receipt!
  • Food and Beverages:
    • There will be water available at the Law School Fair
    • Food is available for purchase in the lower level of the IMU
    • If you intend to apply to MAPLA for reimbursement, please save all food receipts from the day.

Information for Law School Representatives

  • Shipping Information:

  • All materials may be mailed to: Event Services, Attn: Katie Martin, Room 159 IMU, 125 N Madison St, Iowa City, IA 52242-1317.
  • Materials should arrive no earlier than Monday, Sept. 14, 2021. We cannot accept boxes that arrive prior to this date.
  • Boxes should be prominently marked “MAPLA” to ensure they are directed to the proper storage location
  • Please include your school name on the outside of each box so they can be delivered to your table prior to the event
  • Reps should arrange with their preferred shipping company to pick up any remaining materials on site.  Boxes may be packed, labeled for shipping, and stored along the east wall of the event space overnight for morning pickup. Packing tape will be available.
  • Parking:

  • Directions to the Iowa Memorial Union
  • There will be a supply drop off area on Madison St at the East Lobby Entrance
  • Parking is available in the IMU ramp or the North ramp, both entrances located on Madison St.
  • Parking passes will be provided for all law school representatives at check-in.  Parking passes are for the event hours only.
  • Food and Beverages:

  • 9:00 a.m. Light refreshments and coffee service
  • 12:30 p.m. Lunch available
  • All food and beverages for law school reps will be available in the Sunporch off the Main Lounge
  • Site Information:

  • We will have 3X6’ tables with black cloth drapes
  • Late registrants may need to share tables

Hotel Information:  Coming soon