Lindsay Adolphs

Lindsay Adolphs

Associate Director,
Employer Engagement (Internships) & Career Advisor

Career Community Advisor for


Fun Fact
Lindsay is obsessed with reality TV (Bravo is her fav) and can name the cast members for 30+ different reality shows.

You can find Lindsay in her car listening to podcasts (a way to spend the time as she makes her 75 minute commute to work each day!); staying in shape by working out and running.

Advice for Students
Career decisions take time, and that’s okay. Some people know right away
what they want to do for the rest of their lives, some people never figure it out, and some are in-between.
Let’s meet to discuss where you are and work together to develop, explore, and achieve your dreams.”

Top 5 Strengths
Discipline – Responsibility – Empathy – Harmony – Positivity