Garry Klein

Senior Specialist, Inclusive Partnerships
(Career Coach)

You can find Garry streaming movies and binging series on Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime; strumming his guitar on his porch; turning over soil in his garden.

Tickling your funny bone as a former stand-up comedian; assisting with various film festivals (he even received kudos in a movie’s credits!).

Advice for Students
“Don’t be afraid about what you don’t know. Be willing to put in the time to learn it or seek it out from others who are willing to share what they know. The Career Center is one of the places where you can ask for help and everyone here is glad to do it.”

Dream Job
Designated Free Throw Shooter in the NBA for the Chicago Bulls or Pun Master General.

Top 5 Strengths
Maximizer – Ideation – Connectedness – Strategic – Futuristic