Professional Staff - Administrative Team

Angi McKie, M.O.L.

Interim Assistant Provost and Director / Senior Director, Operations
  • Oversight of office assessment efforts, academic courses
  • Office operations and strategic planning
  • Public and media relations
  • Coordination of marketing team
Lynne Sebille-White

Lynne Sebille-White, M.A.

Senior Director, Career Advancement
  • Lead Advising Team, Providing Strategic Planning and Vision
  • Oversight of Career Advising and Programming Services
  • Oversight of Departmental/Student Outreach for Direct Service
  • Career Advising for Health and Wellness, Science Research and Environment and Sustainability Career Communities
  • Liaison for Hire Big 10 + Career Consortium
  • Liaison to College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Allan Boettger photo

D. Allan Boettger, M.Ed.

Senior Director, Corporate & Community Outreach
  • Administration and Oversight of Corporate and Community Outreach
  • Administration and Oversight of the Employer Relations Team
  • Administration and Oversight of Vendor Relationships
  • Oversight of Virtual Mock Interview Programs