REAP Information Guide

REAP Information Guide


REAP is an online job network specifically designed for those in the education field. Districts use this site to post available jobs, both permanent and substitute positions, and teachers can search and apply for open positions. Administrative, school librarian, counselor, and coaching positions are posted on REAP as well. There is a national site, however many states have their own pages (Iowa’s is You may browse open job listings without setting up an account, however starting an account is a great way to familiarize yourself with the job application process as well as share your application information with many different districts.


Getting Started

Setting up a REAP Account:

For starters, setting up a REAP account includes more than just choosing a username and password; you are essentially filling out an extensive job application. You do not need to fill out the application in one sitting, in fact, it is best to take your time and complete each section in chunks. Be sure to revisit your application often to update and revise your answers. REAP will prompt you to give information about your:

  • Educational background, including high school and college activities, accolades, and professional organizations
  • Teaching experience, including dates and contact information for all practicum, substitute, full-time,  and student teaching experiences
  • Non-educational work experience, including your job title, duties, salary, supervisor, and dates
  • Employment and criminal history – be prepared to provide explanations for any work termination or criminal offenses you may have incurred. If this applies to you, explain the situation in a brief, professional manner
  • State-required test scores (make sure you know your PRAXIS II scores)
  • Educational certificates you have received (you will need to know your license number)
  • Be prepared to provide contact information for current and former cooperating teachers and work supervisors


In addition to providing the information above, you will also be asked to respond to 7 professional statements regarding your motivation to be a teacher, your lesson planning process, and key strategies used in your teaching. The list of professional statements is similar to the list that appears in the AAEE Job Search Handbook. The best way to work on these statements is to copy and paste each question into a Word document and take your time to work on each response. You are currently allowed 750 characters (including spaces) to respond to each question. These professional statements are very representative of potential questions you may be asked in a job interview. Take your time and respond to each one thoughtfully and professionally. To see example interview questions, click here.

Finally, you will need to submit a cover letter for potential employers to read. This should be a broad-style letter (click here for examples) and will not be addressed to a specific district. Highlight the experiences and attributes that make you qualified to teach in any district. There is currently a 2000 character (with spaces) limit on your letter, so again it is recommended to write and edit your letter first in a Word document. You will copy and paste your letter into an available window in the application; you will NOT submit it as an attachment.

After your application is completed, it will become “Active.” This means that all participating districts are able to search and find your information if they wish. If you do not want others to view your information, you may put your application on “Hold” (instructions for how to do this can be found on IAREAP’s FAQ page.)