Resume Formatting Checklist

[  ]  Place name big and bold at top of resume (14—16 point font)

[  ]  Include contact information under name (current and/or permanent address, phone, email)

[  ]  Optional Section:  List Objective under name and contact information if seeking an internship

[  ]  Be specific (include internship title, company, and time frame)

[  ]  Identify skills you possess (i.e. interpersonal, analytical, graphic design skills)

[  ]  Indicate what you can offer the company, not what company can do for you

[  ]  List Education after Objective (or after contact information if not seeking an internship) 

[  ]  List The University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA

[  ]  Include degree and major (i.e., B.B.A. Management)

[  ]  Include graduation date only (i.e., May 20XX)

[  ]  List emphasis area, minor, and/or certificate if applicable

[  ]  List cumulative and/or major GPA if  3.0 or above and Dean’s List/Honors Program if applicable

[  ]  Include study abroad if applicable

[  ]  Only list institutions from which you received or a pursuing a degree

[  ]  Optional Section:  List Course Highlights under Education (if needed to fill the page)

[  ]  List 4-6 advanced courses related to position/field

[  ]  List Experience (Internship, Work, Leadership, etc.) sections next

[  ]  Place in reverse chronological order (most recent first)

[  ]  Include position, company, city/state and dates employed

[  ]  A minimum of 3 bullet points for each position is recommended

[  ]  Start each bullet point with a power verb in past tense (even for current positions)

[  ]  Answer 5 W’s and an H (who, what, when, where, why, and how) to write a descriptive bullet point

[  ]  Use numbers to quantify information (i.e., timeframe, money, etc.)

[  ]  Bullet points don’t require periods

[  ]   Other categories can include:

[  ]  Class Project Experience (detail individual/group projects by providing bullet points)

[  ]  College Activities (can provide bullet points or just list)

[  ]  Volunteer Experience (can provide bullet points or just list)

[  ]  Honors & Awards (include dates)

[  ]  Computer Skills

[  ]  Language Proficiencies 

[  ]  Other Reminders:

[  ]  Keep to one page

[  ]  Don’t use a template to format

[  ]  Place dates on the right of the page

[  ]  Stay consistent within format and layout (i.e., using italics, bolding items, etc.)

[  ]  Use 10-12pt. traditional font (Ariel, Times New Roman, etc.) and no less than .5 margins

[  ]  Don’t include an “Interests” section unless you are finance major

[  ]  List Career Leadership Academy under Education or Leadership (not Activities)

[  ]  Tailor information to position sought and place most relevant information toward top of resume

[  ]  Consider other categories that might specifically apply (Related Experience, Lab Techniques, etc.) 

[  ]  Don’t include high school information unless first-year, related to position, or need to fill the page

[  ]  List a variety of “experience” categories

[  ]  Don’t state “References available upon request” (create a separate reference page)

[  ]  Check for spelling/grammatical errors

[  ]  Bring resume draft to the Pomerantz Career Center for review by a Peer Advisor or Career Coach