Sample Cover Letter - Elem. Broad Style

Johnny Carson

345 Sunset Boulevard

Corning, IA 50841


March 15, 2014


Dear Hiring Administrator:


I am very interested in a kindergarten or first grade teaching position. My Bachelor of Arts degree was recently conferred from The University of Iowa and I am certified to teach students in grades K-6 in the state of Iowa. I have also earned a Speech Communication/Theatre endorsement for students in grades K-8 and enjoy implementing theatre methods and activities in the general education classroom.


Utilizing theatrical techniques has proven to be a very effective way to increase student participation in the classroom. During my first student teaching placement in a kindergarten class at Carver Elementary School in Des Moines, IA, I used improvisational theatre games such as Double Endowment and Walking by Numbers to introduce the rules and expectations of the classroom to the students. It was so successful that my cooperating teacher commented that the students had never behaved so well during their first week back at school. While at my most recent student teaching experience in Auckland, New Zealand I had the opportunity to work with middle school students as an assistant director and costume consultant for the school’s production of The Secret Garden. Serving in these positions helped me build rapport with my students and consequently improved student behavior within my 6th grade classroom.


In addition to integrating theatre, I place a high priority on applying all available technology in the classroom. At Murrays Bay Intermediate in Auckland, I received ample training and practice with Promethean Board presentations, and heavily utilized them during a cross-curricular unit I created on penguins. I took advantage of the 1:1 iPad initiative at Carver Elementary by sharing my personal teaching philosophy with students through an application called Storybird. I find it very important to create material and employ resources that are engaging and age-appropriate for students.


My creative and modern approach to education will make me a valuable addition to any elementary school staff. Should you wish to discuss a position or my qualifications with me, I can be easily reached by phone at 712-555-7272 or via e-mail at Thank you for your time and consideration.




Johnny Carson