Career Leadership Academy - Alumni Spotlight: Brad Maxwell

Brad Maxwell
Brad Maxwell
Double Major in Journalism and Film

My biggest success is a tie between being a national finalist for the Hearst Journalism Award and winning an Upper-Midwest student Emmy. Both of these awards come from a series of news reports I have completed through my work at Daily Iowan TV. Attending the Emmy Award Ceremony in Minneapolis provided a great opportunity to network with a number of journalists, but also proved to be a nerve-racking experience. Coming from a small town in Iowa, I never expected to be giving a speech in front of a huge crowd at Mall of America, but that shows the unpredictability of life. Although I am really proud of my awards and recognitions, I try to avoid defining success only by my awards. As I finish up my junior year at the UI, I have developed an enormous group of friends through my work on campus and various internships. Attending the University of Iowa has been a huge goal for me, practically since I could walk. I honestly can say I am making the most of that experience and avoid taking any day for granted.

The ability to overcome nerves and to try something new is huge skill. I remained relatively shy my first semester of college, which I regret looking back. However, after joining several groups on campus including Daily Iowan TV and CLA, things took off for me. These groups have led to my biggest accomplishments including several awards, internships, and most importantly, some strong relationships. Without the willingness to try new things, I would not be in the position I am today. Iowa offers so many great opportunities, but I have learned first-hand the importance of taking advantage of each one.

My favorite part about CLA involves developing networking skills and meeting students from a number of different backgrounds. It always amazes me how CLA can make a relatively large number of students feel very connected. Every phase introduces me to both familiar and unfamiliar faces. However, by the end, I can honestly walk up to any class member and carry on a conversation. The Career Leadership Academy does a great job of putting students together and allowing them to interact in a professional setting. No matter how weird some activities might be, every student brings a different perspective and works as a team to complete the task at hand.


My interests include waterskiing, socializing, rollerblading, jetskiing, technology, traveling, movies, meeting new people, and eating.

Fun fact: My high school graduating class consisted of only 66 students.