Career Leadership Academy - Alumni Spotlight: Eric Flood

Eric Flood
Eric Flood
Management (Leadership Track) with a minor in Economics

The things that drive me the most are utilizing my experience, resources, and vast education to help provide a long-term career in my near future at the University of Iowa, experiencing personal and career growth within the progressiveness and successful exciting moments I have shared with fellow students and instructors, motivation and extreme focus for reaching short and long-term goals, having a positive outlook to a solid foundation of hands-on Business Management interns, and having overall work experience with networking opportunities.

My father has been my greatest role model ever since I have been a child. He manages our family-owned recycling business. At Flood Brothers, we serve the entire Chicago land area, reaching more than 100 communities and working with many towns and city departments. We pride ourselves on reliable service and responsive customer care. Flood Brothers Disposal is one of the last family-owned, independently operated disposal, recycling and yard waste collection firms today in the Chicago land area. With great leadership, Flood Brothers has been recognized and awarded for excellence in industry practices. My father’s biggest goal is to help keep communities stay “GREEN”. From a family of eight, my father has taught me to love and to share happiness. My father’s love and passion is working with kids, as he has coached many children’s sports teams for over twenty years now. He has influenced my life with great verbal and written communication skills, interpersonal skills, and problem solving skills. The most important aspect my father has educated me with is to take the initiative and to be fearless to fail in what you choose do in life.

The decision I made by pursuing a career path was simply the perspective of what I see myself doing every day for the rest of my life. The encouragement from others has helped me seek my career decisions into a focus for my passion with Leadership and Management. I have realized it is beneficial for me to work best in an environment in which teamwork is essential. I am suited for a profession that requires leadership and caring for other’s thoughts and ideas.


My interests include strategic planning, traveling, fitness and health, social media, and music.

Fun fact: I have eaten in the oldest restaurant in the United States (Union Oyster House in Boston, MA).