Employer Community Partner Spotlight: Mark Hennessey: ACT

Mark Hennessey: ACT

Mark Hennessey is a Senior Talent Acquisition Manager at ACT. He offers his best career advice and describes why he loves working with University of Iowa students.

What inspired you to take the career path you did?

I actually started in Banking and then realized I could use my skills at building relationships in Recruiting.

What advice do you have for current job searchers?

Always be networking and treat your job search as a full time job. Work with the Pomerantz Career Center. They are an amazing resource that can really help with the search.

What is the best career advice you have received?

Keep learning about your industry and always offer to do more than expected.

What is the best thing a student can do to prepare him or herself for their future career?

Continue to learn and be open to taking on new roles and responsibilities.

What are the top three things you look for in job candidates?

Their “technical skills” as it relates to the actual role, their passion and interest in the work they do, and their attitude.

What is your favorite part about recruiting at the University of Iowa?

The opportunity to meet a lot a great people with tremendous potential and working with the team at the Pomerantz Career Center.