After Your Internship

Loved Your Experience?

  • Offer to be a campus ambassador for the company
  • Submit a review on Handshake
  • Offer to help mentor or orient the next intern
  • Ask for written letters of recommendation or LinkedIn recommendations 2 weeks prior to your departure date
  • Update your resume or CV and LinkedIn Profile 
  • Decide upon next actions for your career path - talk with a professional mentor or Career Coach
  • Do you want to explore if this will lead to a full-time opportunity? Meet with your internship supervisor to check on opportunities - can you continue the internship, work remotely, or stay on in a permanent full-time role?


Didn't Love Your Experience?

  • Evaluate what went wrong - Did you go into the internship with unrealistic expectations? Was the supervision not what it should have been?
  • Talk to a professional mentor or Career Coach - let them know what didn't go well so they can help coach the employer and make it a better experience for other students
  • Update your resume or CV and LinkedIn Profile
  • Reflect, reassess, and learn.
    • ​​What was it that was not interesting or you did not enjoy? Try to distinguish between whether it is the industry, the organization, the people you worked with, or your duties.
    • What skills did you learn?
    • Despite a negative experience, were you able to maintain your professionalism and develop your skills?
    • How can those skills and professionalism be useful in your future?
    • Do you need to change career paths? Or just try again with a different employer and/or different circumstances
  • Keep trying! Use what you learned from this experience and pursue another opportunity that will be a better fit for you.