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During this time of uncertainty, we realize many students have questions related to both employment and graduate school plans.  For others, class registration also brings questions about major and career decision-making.  We also know some are dealing with delayed, canceled or rescinded internship or full-time job offers.   

As always, you are welcome to schedule a virtual career advising appointment via MyUI (select advising appointment tile > Pomerantz Career Center) for personalized conversation and assistance.

Here is a list of our in-person and virtual services during this time.

Below are questions that may relate to your immediate needs and situation.  By clicking on the scenario, you’ll find some brief action-oriented steps and resources to help. 


What if ?

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  • Stay in contact with employer via email or phone. You may be called when the market rebounds or considered for alternative opportunities as they arise. For internship seekers, if you are available to work remotely in a future semester, let employer know of your ongoing interest and availability.





  • View some of our short Couch to Career (#C2C) videos that discuss tips to navigate your search in a virtual environment.  Learn tips to become better at networking, how to approach job or internship searches during COVID, discover the value of transferable skills from a Hawkeye alum & more!
  • Reach out to discuss your interests and skills with family friends, parents of friends, recruiters you met through past career fairs/networking events/interviews/mock interviews, and University of Iowa alumni using LinkedIn's Alumni Finder  This will help you develop new search targets, strategies, better understand how your skills and experiences translate to employers and improve your marketability across different industries.
  • Seek out Remote Jobs, virtual Internships or micro-Internships which are short-term or contractual.
  • Think outside the box and consider alternative industries who are hiring now 

Use SkillsMatch to help identify your skills and find matches to different types of jobs/careers

Optimize your resume for the type of job that you would like to apply for.

  • If you have an offer and haven’t heard anything recently from your employer or internship coordinator, it is important to check in via email or phone to inquire about the status of your offer and start date.  Many employers are still assessing ongoing and changing environmental circumstances to determine if they will move to virtual employment, delay start dates as situation deems it safe to proceed as originally planned or if they will need to cancel or rescind offers as a last, but unavoidable, choice.
  • If you have received an offer and have not accepted, you should adhere to decision-making deadlines provided by the employer.  If you require more decision-making time, we recommend talking with a career advisor to discuss who to approach this type of negotiation.  Avoid accepting an offer out of desperation and continuing your search.  If you accept an offer and later renege on that decision, it reflects poorly on you as a candidate and on the overall reputation of the University of Iowa and can impact an employer’s decision to continue recruiting Hawkeyes. 
  • If you experience an unexpected circumstance that interferes with your ability to honor your acceptance or arranged start date, please speak with a career advisor to discuss your situation and how to plan your communication.  This correspondence should never take place via email or text but via a phone conversation.


Not all employers are impacted in the same way during this pandemic.  While some may need to halt or reduce hiring, many employers continue to hire or may need to increase hiring.  The Pomerantz Career Center continues to approve new job and internship postings daily (~100-150 daily).Think about those services that are currently in demand and remain open during this pandemic.   


Fast forward to life post-pandemic.  You are in an interview with a prospective employer and are asked what you did during COVID-19 to enhance your skills and build your resume.  While they know many internships, study abroad, volunteer and other plans were put on hold, they want candidates who used this time to their advantage.

  • Add new knowledge and skills with certification and spend time on the LinkedIn Learning site. If you complete requirements, you will be able to add LinkedIn Learning Certificates to your profile.  This is a positive way to demonstrate your initiative and add new skills beyond your classes.
  • Explore Virtual Volunteer and Service Learning Options

Service Learning During Coronavirus: Easy Ideas for Every Subject


Taproot Plus

  • Try a micro-internship (short-term paid projects provided by employers who need assistance).  Learn more and sign up at Parker-Dewey.


  • Visit our new page focusing on remote and virtual work to find great resources to get started whether your goal is a part-time position, internship, volunteer opportunity or full-time job.

Timely advice to help you manage your search:




Refer to our Plan for Graduate and Professional School resources

Explore GAP Year Opportunities

Some may have questions about how grades during this semester will be evaluated by future graduate school admissions committees.  Many students are being impacted by policies set by their undergraduate institutions and UI and other graduate programs will take this into account when reviewing submitted transcripts.   To learn more:

For those applying via centralized application services, refer to information provided on relevant application portals such as:

If you still need to take a graduate admissions test, consult relevant testing service sites such as:

  • GRE - Graduate Record Examination
  • LSAT - Law School Admission Test
  • MCAT - Medical College Admission Test
  • GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test
  • PCAT - Pharmacy College Admission Test
  • DAT - Dental Admission Test
  • OAT - Optometry Admission Test
  • Assess your interests and abilities using one of our free resources.
  • Schedule a career advising appointment via MyUI (Select Advising Appointment tile > Pomerantz Career Center).

If you need Career Assistance visit FAQ for Virtual Career Services   to learn more about how to get started! You can learn about these services:

  • Virtual Career Advising via Zoom or Phone
  • Virtual Drop-In Advising via Zoom
  • Virtual resume and cover letter reviews 
  • Review helpful resources on student page of PCC website

You aren’t alone! This is one of the top reasons students use our services and meet with career advisors.  Most students report feeling confused or overwhelmed when they first use our drop-in or career advising services but after their meeting, report feeling confident and informed.  No need to stress on your own, we’ve got you! 

Career development and decision-making is nonlinear.  It usually consists of different stages that maybe revisited as needed.  Common components include: Explore, Prepare, Experience & Achieve.  There are different action items, depending on what stage you think fits your current situation.

Below are some common resources students find most helpful for getting started.





  • View some of our short Couch to Career (#C2C) videos that discuss tips to navigate your search in a virtual environment.  Learn tips to become better at networking, how to approach job or internship searches during COVID, discover the value of transferable skills from a Hawkeye alum & more!   
  • Schedule an appointment with one of our career advisors via MyUI (select the Advising Appointment tile > Pomerantz Career Center).  You’ll be prompted to enter a career interest area that aligns with our Career Communities.  If you aren’t sure what to pick, we all work with deciding students.  Don’t stress, just pick one that catches your eye and get your appointment scheduled. NOTE:  If you received your bachelor’s degree within the last 12 months, you retain access to individual career advising.  To schedule, please call our office at 319-335-1023, M-F between 8-5 PM.


Those graduating this May who have solidified post graduation plans are strongly encouraged to complete UI Graduation Survey.  Pomerantz Career Center collects and shares this information as it is very helpful for current and prospective students, colleges and departments, senior university leadership and the Board of Regents.

Yes! We are currently planning for virtual events. Dates and times will be released as soon as virtual options are finalized. Employers will be hosting virtual information sessions. All of these events will be posted in Handshake. 

Yes! Employers will still be hosting interviews and mock interviews - they will be taking place both virtually and on-campus. You will be able to see those schedules on Handshake and you will be able to apply through the system or directly to the employer via an external link. When applying, be sure to check if the interview will be taking place virtually or on-campus.