Pomerantz Career Center Academic Internship Course

This internship course (CCP:1201) provides students with an opportunity to expand on their internship experiences by developing learning objectives and reflecting on their experience. They will be tasked to reflect on how their internship experience relates to their academic coursework and their future career goals.  Students are eligible to receive 1-3 credit hours (regular tuition applies) for the internship depending on the number of hours they work. In order to participate students must have secured their internship in advance. Students participating in the Honors Program may also discuss whether the experience is eligible for honors program credit with their Honors advisor.

Internship Minimum Requirements

  • Professional experience which relates to student's major field or area of career interest
  • At least 80% professional work
  • Occupies at least one academic term (fall, spring or summer)
  • Requires continuous supervision by a professional in the field (not a student)
  • Must participate in the internship and take the course during the same semester
  • Must work a minimum of 6 weeks at the internship site
  • 1-3 satisfactory/unsatisfactory credit hours available based on number of hours working in internship
    • 1 credit hour for 75 hours of internship experience
    • 2 credit hours for 150 hours of internship experience
    • 3 credit hours for 225 hours of internship experience

Student Eligibility

  • Non-Transfer students must have completed 24 semester hours of UI coursework
  • Transfer students must have completed 12 semester hours of UI coursework
  • Minimum Cumulative and UI 2.0 GPA (if below good academic standing, academic advisor approval is needed)
  • Cannot be taken at the same time as an internship for academic credit within another department or a zero credit internship course
  • This course is not repeatable

Instructions For Registering

  • If interested please email the course supervisor - 
    Lindsay Adolphs - lindsay-adolphs@uiowa.edu
  • If your internship meets the requirements, you will be provided with the special permission code to register for the course at that time
  • The course has a limited number of spaces available each semester

Course Assignments

Required prior to beginning this course and the internship experience:

  • Register internship and fill out internship reporting record on Handshake with job description
  • Student and Employer must complete Pre-Internship Agreement Form and turn into Academic Internship Instructor

To be Completed Throughout the Course and Internship Experience

  • Schedule of Assignments and Evaluations
  • Job Responsibilities and  Learning Objectives Statement
  • Journal Reflections
  • Final Reflection Paper (Incorporating Journals) and Creative Samples
  • Internship Evaluation completed by Student and Employer