Research Career Options

Below are free resources you can use to learn more about different career fields.  Explore types of jobs available in different fields, what a job entails, if the field is growing, educational requirements, salary ranges and other helpful information.

O*Net:  Look up occupations to discover tasks, skills, values, work activities, educational requirements, salary ranges and other fun facts associated with different careers.  Explore tools to help you match skills, experiences and interests to occupations and plan your next move.

Occupational Outlook Handbook:
Find career information on duties, education and training, pay and outlook for hundreds of occupations.  

Vault for UI Users: Be sure to log in from this link or bookmark to access the UI portal for Vault. This allows you free access to services you would otherwise pay for as an independent user.

Browse, career & industry guides for many different fields within business, non-profit and government sectors.  Learn what jobs are associated with different careers and what you’d do in those positions.  Research companies, see employer rankings and view internship/job postings.

Guide to Government Careers:  Learn what government jobs offer, the types of jobs available, job search resources, how to apply and information on tuition assistance and loan forgiveness for government employees.

Get That Gig:  Explore career fields and learn more about professionals working in these areas.

Career Profiles:  Another good source of career information, salaries, and educational preparation.

Buzzfile: Locate potential employers by state and/or major.