0 Credit Hour Course and Transcript Notation

*You can view internship policies regarding Covid-19 here and visit Coronavirus.uiowa.edu to find out what Iowa is doing and what you can do to mitigate risk on campus.

General Information

  • This internship course (through Department CCP) provides students with an opportunity to expand on their internship experiences by reflecting on their experience during a midterm evaluation. Once approved, students would register for CCP:1005:0001 for example...the course number will vary depending on the student's college.
  • Students are eligible to receive 0 credit hours and transcript notation.
  • In order to participate students must have secured their internship in advance.
  • This does not meet the Tippie RISE Requirement for business students. See approved Tippie RISE options


  • Receive official University recognition of the internship through a notation on your transcript - the notation will say "Internship in Your College" - for example - "Internship in Liberal Arts/Sciences"
  • Maintain full-time student status for health insurance and deferment of student loans.
  • This does not meet CPT/Academic Training requirements for international students on an F-1 or J-1 visa doing full-time internships during the fall or spring semesters
  • If you have financial aid, be sure to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid to make sure you will still be eligible! 
  • Gain valuable work experience without needing to pay full tuition. This is particularly helpful at sites where internships are not paid.
  • Registering an internship often fulfills an organization’s credit requirement to complete the internship.
  • Complete an internship evaluation to reflect on your growth throughout your internship.
  • Your supervisor will complete an evaluation and provide you with valuable feedback.


  • Professional experience which relates to student's major field or area of career interest
  • At least 80% professional work
  • Occupies at least one academic term (fall, spring or summer)
  • Full or part-time intern must work a minimum of 10 hours per week
  • Intern must work at least 10 weeks during spring or fall term, or 8 weeks in summer
  • Requires continuous supervision by a professional in the field (not a student)
  • Student must have earned at least 12 semester hours of UI coursework
  • Must be in good academic standing (if below good academic standing, academic advisor approval is needed)

How to Register