0 Credit Hour Course and Transcript Notation

Instructions for Registering          Important Dates 

General Information

  • This internship course (through Department CCP) provides students with an opportunity to expand on their internship experiences by reflecting on their experience during a midterm evaluation. Once approved, students would register for CCP:1005:0001 for example...the course number will vary depending on the student's college.
  • Students are eligible to receive 0 credit hours and transcript notation.
  • In order to participate students must have secured their internship in advance.
  • This does not meet the Tippie RISE Requirement for business students. See approved Tippie RISE options


  • Receive official University recognition of the internship through a notation on your transcript - the notation will say "Internship in Your College" - for example - "Internship in Liberal Arts/Sciences"
  • Maintain full-time student status for health insurance and deferment of student loans.
  • This does not meet CPT/Academic Training requirements for international students on an F-1 or J-1 visa doing full-time internships during the fall or spring semesters
  • If you have financial aid, be sure to contact the Office of Student Financial Aid to make sure you will still be eligible! 
  • Gain valuable work experience without needing to pay full tuition. This is particularly helpful at sites where internships are not paid.
  • Registering an internship often fulfills an organization’s credit requirement to complete the internship.
  • Complete an internship evaluation to reflect on your growth throughout your internship.
  • Your supervisor will complete an evaluation and provide you with valuable feedback.



  • Professional experience which relates to student's major field or area of career interest
  • At least 80% professional work
  • Occupies at least one academic term (fall, spring or summer)
  • Full or part-time intern must work a minimum of 10 hours per week
  • Intern must work at least 10 weeks during spring or fall term, or 8 weeks in summer
  • Requires continuous supervision by a professional in the field (not a student)
  • Student must have earned at least 12 semester hours of UI coursework
  • Must be in good academic standing (if below good academic standing, academic advisor approval is needed)


Special Situations

What if I have already graduated?

If you are a recent graduate looking for work experience or considering a career change, an internship can be a great way to get an "insider's" view of a new career. An internship will help you gain valuable experience and will also help you decide if it is the right field for you.

If you would like to have your internship experience noted on your transcript for 0 credit hours, you must first register as a non-degree student with the Office of Admissions. You must also be set up to register for the semester - please do so by contacting the Academic Advising office at 319-353-5700. Once you have been admitted as a non-degree seeking student and have received a “registration number”, please follow the steps under the "Instructions for Registering" button above.

What if I am an F-1 or J-1 student needing to register for Curricular Practical Training (CPT)?
You may want to choose one of these options in HireaHawk - F-1 & J-1 Zero Credit Hour Internship for CPT requirement or the Field Experience option if your experience is < 10 hours per week or for a short duration (under 8 weeks). If you are wanting to register for 1-3 credit hours, you will want to request for CCP:1201 Academic Internship instead. 

What if my internship is abroad?

If your internship is abroad, the Pomerantz Career Center strongly encourages you to meet with staff in the Office of Study Abroad (1-319-335-0353) to discuss safety, health, and cultural context.  You must complete the Office of Study Abroad's travel registry before you will be approved for a Pomerantz Career Center internship course.  

Can I get honors credit for an internship? 

Some internships may be eligible for honors program credit. Discuss requirements with your Honors Program advisor.

What do I do after I have registered for the course? 

In order to receive a passing grade for your internship, you will be required to fill out a self-evaluation at midterm. We will email you a link to this evaluation at the mid-semester point.  Your supervisor will also be asked to complete an evaluation of you.  It is strongly encouraged that they complete the evaluation but your grade is not contingent upon it.   We encourage you to show your supervisor the evaluation at the beginning of your internship.  This knowledge helps them know competencies to pay attention to during your internship.  You can see an example of the evaluation here:  

PDF iconStudent_Self Evaluation.pdf

PDF iconEmployer_Evaluation.pdf


Call Pomerantz Career Center at 319-335-1023 and ask for Sherry Rhinehart or Jennifer Noyce