Credits, Costs and Scholarships


Students remain enrolled at, and receive academic credit from the University of Iowa. In the fall or spring semester, 12 credits are awarded and in the summer session, 6 credits are awarded. For some majors, up to 3 additional internship or independent study hours can be arranged.


Costs and Scholarships

  • Participation in The Washington Center is an investment in your future. TWC works closely with schools to make the cost of participation comparable to a semester or summer term on campus.
  • Over 75 percent of students participating in the D.C. internship program receive some form of financial aid assistance beyond their usual campus-based aid.
  • Students may qualify for TWC scholarships based on civic engagement and leadership, membership in honor societies, diversity status, disability status, financial need, and more.
  • Students indicate within the online application which scholarship they would like to be considered for; note that some scholarships require further documentation, i.e. proof of membership in an honor society or a statement of financial need.
  • Contact TWC Financial Aid for questions and to get an update on funding post-acceptance.
  • Financial Assistance Inquiry Form