What are Career Treks?

Career Treks are organized visits to companies and organizations, allowing students to gain firsthand exposure to various industries, company cultures, and job roles. Treks typically include company tours, panel discussions, networking sessions, and sometimes even mock interviews or other hands-on learning experiences.

Benefits for Employers

  • Direct Access to Students: Engage with motivated and talented students who are actively exploring career opportunities in your industry.

  • Showcase Your Company Culture: Give students a glimpse into your workplace environment, values, and company culture, helping them understand what it's like to work at your organization.

  • Networking and Recruitment Opportunities: Connect with students who may be a good fit for internships, co-op programs, entry-level positions, or future roles within your company.

  • Brand Visibility: Increase your brand visibility and presence on campus. Your company will be showcased on all promotional materials, as well as post-trek social media marketing.

Employer Selection Considerations

  • Employers need to be willing to work with the university to create a meaningful learning and networking experience for students.

  • Employers should be located in or near a desired location for an upcoming trek.

  • Employers will need to operate within the desired industry, or employ roles that operate within the desired industry, for the trek planned in their location.

  • Other considerations include company values, culture, size, reputation, and commitment to equity and inclusion.

To be considered as a host for future treks, please contact Kaitlyn Bailey, Employer Engagement Events Specialist, at kaitlyn-bailey@uiowa.edu.​

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