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Want to Host a Career Trek?

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Career Treks are a great opportunity to develop brand recognition among the student body, market your internship and full-time job opportunities, and educate students on your hiring process and timeline.

How Do Career Treks Work?

  1. You will work with the Career Center to plan the events and establish expectations.
  2. University of Iowa Pomerantz Career Center (PCC) handles all communication with students about the event and coordinates transportation to and from your company, (or provides platform for virtual treks). PCC will provide a roster of students the week of the site visit.
  3. The company plans and coordinates what happens when students arrives (or joins virtually).
    Here are some ideas of what you might want to plan:
    • Company and/or lab tour
    • Opportunities to engage with professionals either through a panel or speaker series
    • Networking / recruiting session with alumni
    • Presentation on how to apply and what you look for in candidates, internship opportunities, and appearances by division leaders
    • Case study or interactive game demonstrating what it is like to work on a project at your company
    • Refreshments/snacks/lunch/promotional items (if in-person)

There are many great options you can plan that will make this a fun and informative event for students. For in-person treks, we recommend getting participants to move around and engage in interactive activities rather than sitting in one spot for long stretches of time.

Each Career Trek is documented on Instagram (in-person) or posted online after virtual treks, giving you more exposer to those who are interested in learning more about your organization.


We actively promote your organization by incorporating your company logo in all promotional materials for the event, including email advertisements, event flyers, and educational materials during the event. Students who attend may be job seeking, allowing your company to make that one-on-one connection and discuss valuable qualities you seek in a candidate. Students will have the ability to ask questions about open positions and/or discuss future opportunities with your company and offer insight on what they look for in a great employer as well. 

Interested in hosting a Career Trek at your company?

Contact: Courtney McClellan

Interested in planning for the future? Download the Career Trek Info Sheet. 

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