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Josh Frahm

Josh Frahm

Senior Associate Director, Student Employment Programs

UI Student to Employed Professional (STEP); CCP:1306:0002

UI STEP is a 2 credit hour, full 15 week course within the Leadership Studies program which meets twice a week (Tue/Thr) for 50 minutes (3:30-4:20 PM) and includes a letter grade (NO EXAMS! NO BOOKS!). If you have thought about getting your career planning and preparation started but keep pushing it off, this is a great opportunity to get started in a structured way. All academic years are welcome! 

UI STEP offers a one-stop shop for assistance with career preparation needs on all of the topics you see below, and is relevant no matter your degree program or year in school: 

  • Student employment impact on your future employability
  • How to job search effectively (grad school searching included)
  • Getting noticed by recruiters (Guest Presenters)
  • How to network properly and use social media to your advantage
  • Resume/Cover Letter writing and how to get your resume actually read! (Career Center Presenter)
  • Interview preparation and practice (Mock Interview Day)
  • College to Career/Grad School transition coaching
  • Finally, personal branding and HOW TO SELL YOURSELF!  

Come join the UI STEP team environment by signing up for (CCP:1306) for the Spring semester.  

If you have any questions, email josh-frahm@uiowa.edu and I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about the course. 

Course Summary

Student to Employed Professional, UI STEP, provides students with a career foundation supplementing classroom learning AND their campus activities (job, volunteer work, organizations, etc.). Students will analyze their current University experiences through self-assessment activities and will develop a personal action plan for each career development topic. Students will understand what is expected of entry-level employees and graduate school applicants with their resume, interview, and on-the-job performance. 

Preparation will be completed through small and large group discussion, online discussion boards, assigned readings, education workshops, and action activities. We will also work thoroughly on developing students’ personal brand. This course will enhance student resumes while assisting with creating a mindset of a professional that is in the top 10% of their industry. ANY Industry. Students who successfully finish the course will receive a completion certificate that can be added to their resume.