Collin Crowder

Collin Crowder

Area of Study
Business Analytics and Information Systems (Business Analytics), Leadership Certificate

Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Full-Time Job After Graduation 
Found on Handshake 

"At first I laughed at the job description, but now I can’t imagine doing anything else. My first job put me on a career path I was completely unaware of at school and I love every bit of it."

Describe your experience. What is the best part of your day? What are you learning?
I’ve spent every day learning just as much as I did in school, but now it applies directly to my career. I transitioned from being data and programming oriented to learning about the computer hardware that makes every aspect of business operations possible. Without the job I got, I would’ve had to spend maybe 3-5 years in the industry in order to get the level of knowledge that was compacted into our programs first 7-months.

Any advice for students using Handshake for their search? What advice do you wish you had gotten prior to starting your experience?
Apply to any and every job, don’t let doubt keep you from applying. You can always turn down a job AFTER you get an offer, but don’t close doors of opportunity by not submitting an application. And new opportunities outside of a job posting can pop up during interviews!