Hawkeye Internship Grant

Hawkeye Internship Grant

The Hawkeye Internship Grant awards stipends in variable amounts for undergraduate students at the University of Iowa who are interning at a non-profit or in a government office. Funds can cover food, housing, etc. associated with participating in the internship.

The Hawkeye Internship Grant Application for Summer 2021 is closed.  View the Info Session for an explanation and tips on applying.

If you are waiting on an internship offer, you can still apply to the scholarship.  In the application, record the site(s), job description(s), and hiring timelines and noting for the committee that you have not been hired yet.  If you are selected, funds would not be disbursed until the site and job duties are confirmed.

See former winners below and UI information regarding internships and Covid-19 can be found here

What are the eligibility requirements?

Student Eligibility

  • Student must be a full-time, degree seeking undergraduate student at the UI for one semester prior to the experience and enrolled for the semester following the experience**
  • Student must have completed at least 75 credits before the start of the internship experience
  • Must have a UI GPA of 2.0 or above
  • Student must be in good academic and judicial standing (UI code of student life)
  • No outstanding tuition or fees
  • International students are eligible as long as they have appropriate work authorization for the internship. Questions regarding work authorization and CPT can be submitted to ISSS.
  • Prior Hawkeye Internship Grant recipients are not eligible

**Exceptions will be made for students participating in a required experience for graduation that has time restrictions (ex. Social Work practicums)

Internship Eligibility Requirements

  • Internship is unpaid or underpaid
  • Internship is located in the United States
  • Internship is at a non-profit or in government**
  • 20-40 hours of work per week for 8-12 weeks
  • Supervised by a professional in the field
  • Remote/virtual internships are acceptable
  • Internships via programs (ex. The Washington Center) are not eligible

**Government includes city, county, state, or federal offices as well as working in an elected official's office.  

The University of Iowa provides funding support for the Hawkeye Internship Grant. Selection of a student for an internship is made by the respective internship employer. In addition, the University’s selection of candidates for funding support through the Hawkeye Internship Grant is independent of any management decisions by the respective employer or University of Iowa internship programs.   

We encourage students to reach out to Pomerantz Career Center staff to explore the eligibility of their internships.

What are the application requirements?  

  • An official internship offer letter & job description from your supervisor or human resources that confirms supervisor name, email address, phone number; start & end date, hours worked; main job duties; any remuneration  (pay, housing stipend, bus passes, cafeteria food, etc.) or lack thereof.
  • A 1-2 page resume or CV
  • A statement of purpose addressing the reasons for your funding needs, learning goals for the internship, the impact the funds will have on your experience, and the potential impact of the internship on your career.  The essay should be 2 page minimum, 4 pages maximum and double-spaced, 12 point font.
  • A potential budget including costs for housing, food, utilities, etc.  

 We encourage applicants to have resumes/CVs reviewed by Pomerantz Career Center advisors or peer advisors, and/or to work with the Writing Center to review their essay. 

What is required if you receive the award? 

  • Attend a Zoom orientation with the Pomerantz Career Center prior to beginning your internship
  • Enroll in a free Pomerantz Career Center internship course during the internship
  • Share about the experience via presentation or video upon your return to campus 

Note: Grants can have implications for financial aid packages and taxes.  Please discuss concerns with the Office of Financial Aid and ask tax questions of your accountant or the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to participate in University of Iowa programs. If you are a person with a disability and require an accommodation in order to apply, please contact the Pomerantz Career Center, (319) 335-1023.  

Summer 2021 Hawkeye Internship Grant Recipients

Hawkeye Spotlight of Madi Fah
Hawkeye Spotlight of Nigel Gawa
Hawkeye Spotlight of Brooke McKeon
Hawkeye Spotlight of Grace Westrom

Alicia Martel
Social Work major & Spanish minor

Social work intern for National Alliance for Mental Illness of Johnson County


Photo of Alicia Martel in front of a fall scene of yellow leafed trees


"I decided to pursue social work because of my interest in empowering individuals with mental illness and advocating for equitable access to quality mental health care. The knowledge I learned in my social work courses at the University of Iowa, including about the person-in-environment perspective, cultural humility, trauma, abuse, mental illness, human behavior, and motivational interviewing all helped me to prepare for the work I do at the NAMI-Johnson County."






Emily Berkheimer

Informatics major, Art minor, & Public Digital Arts certificate

Graphic design intern for Summer of the Arts

Photo of Emily Berkheimer


"Having been an artist all my life, I have a lot of experience with problem solving, creativity, and aesthetics. I learned design principles and technical skills through college courses and self teaching. 

At my position I refined my design skills and developed new skills in professionalism. This experience also showed me that I have a future in graphic design and community work. 

I am so grateful that this scholarship allowed me to put effort into my work without having to expend energy and time on additional paying employment."











Olivia Westemeier

Psychology major, Rhetoric & Persuasion minor

Sexual Assault Prevention Program Evaluator, Resilience

Photo of Olivia Westmeir
"I analyzed K-12 prevention program data.  With all the data, I wrote a full comprehensive report for them, both visualizing data as well as recommendations for improving the program so they could share it not only with the program itself but also with future funders and collaborators.  This internship definitely exposed me to a new population and seeing how small changes in state or age groups can alter how you approach anti-violence work, so I really decided I am going to continue doing that and be more invested in the community. Being able to communicate my work to a broad range of audiences is crucial to making my work effective in the future."