Friday, January 7, 2022
Career Leadership Academy

Brandon Svac spent a summer in New York City interning for J.P. Morgan as a Residential Mortgage-Backed Security Banking & Originations (RMBS Banking) Analyst.

What were your internship responsibilities?

During my internship, I primarily worked with the preparation of legal documents and development of presentations for senior bankers and senior client management. Additionally, I conducted some analysis of MBS products and the market, and developed potential pitches on two prospective clients that the firm should contact with opportunities. 

What did a normal work day look like?

I woke up every day at 6:00 am, was in the office by 7:15 am. I would usually read and summarize the news for the day and send it out to my local and international teams.  As the morning and early afternoon went on, I would alternate between working on legal documents and other projects. Once late afternoon and early evening hit, I would focus heavily on the team's tasks, and try to help analysts as much as possible. Once the directors left between 6:00-8:00 pm I would help the analysts complete their work until 10:00-11:00 pm, and then shift my attention to any remaining work I had to do on my projects (if any), before heading home. I averaged 83 hours per week, but it didn't feel excessive when you are working because of the excited atmosphere of the trading floor. 

How did you find your internship?

For this internship, I actually found it online, but utilized the Hawkinson Scholars program through the Tippie College of Business to connect with alumnus who worked for J.P. Morgan to help me network and prepare for my interviews. 

What was your biggest challenge during your internship?

My biggest challenge this summer was time-management, mostly due to the long hours I was working. I had multiple tasks and projects to juggle, but ultimately found that even with a lot of work, if you budget your time more efficiently you can accomplish much more in a tighter window. 

How did this internship impact your future career plans?

I will be joining J.P. Morgan full-time post-graduation, returning to the same role I held this summer. I am thoroughly excited for the opportunity, and if all goes well during my 2-year "analystship", I plan to stay with the firm as an Associate Director, or return to academia to get a Masters in Finance or an MBA before returning to work. 

What was your favorite memory from your internship?

Personally I loved the people that I worked with, and pride myself on the exceptional culture I found at the firm. I was invited to social events with full-time employees, which helped add to the social dynamic of the team. Additionally, J.P. Morgan also reserved various venues for corporate social events, both for just the interns and others with their teams. 

What advice would you give other students seeking an internship?

My best advice is to take the initiative and seek opportunities. The university provides you with exceptional opportunities to connect with top-tier employers, and if they don't already have a strong relationship there, you can help them establish one by taking the initiative to meet with influencers and seek as much coaching as possible.