Friday, January 7, 2022
Career Leadership Academy

Eliza Huber worked as a Marketing Intern in New York City for the online fashion editorial site, CollegeFashionista.

What were your internship responsibilities?

I had a very broad list of responsibilities. Some weeks I would work on the same task everyday and others I would be doing something completely new and unique. I did a wide variety of jobs ranging from social media to event planning to editorial.

How did you find your internship?

I have been interning for CollegeFashionista for a little over a year now as a Style Guru Intern which is basically an online writing internship where I photograph and write articles on fashion on my particular campus. From there I went on to become a Social Media Intern with the CF Social Media Society. The team emailed us informing us of the opportunity to summer intern at their home office in New York and I applied for it. A couple weeks later I got the acceptance letter!

What did a normal work day look like?

Every morning I would receive a task email with a description of every duty I had to finish for the day. Usually these tasks included preparing for photo shoots and events, working on different analytical documents, creating content for the CollegeFashionista social media platforms, and doing research on potential CF event panel members or interviewers for the CF podcast, Office Hours.