Friday, January 7, 2022

Leo Nopoulos

One of my best experiences with CLA was going to CLA's fall Kaleidoscope event! I was a class rep at the event and I had first had experience networking with the speakers the event highlighted.

Mandy Webber was one of my speakers for the CLA Kaleidoscope event. At the end of her talk, she presented her email and challenged any student brave enough to email her with any questions they may have. Within 24 hours, I emailed Mandy and explained that I was someone who really wanted to stand out and that I had many questions that I would love to be answered by someone like her. Mandy replied to my email within a day which was incredibly exciting for me. She mentioned that a current and powerful resume is a tool that can be severely underrated.

By underestimating the influence of a resume, many people do not put in the extra effort to polish their resume.

In one string of messages we exchanged, she asked to see the rough draft of my resume and agreed to have a meeting with me to answer some questions and redo my resume. In the few hours we spent together, we completely revamped my resume, answered all the questions I had about moving to a big city and juggling school and work life, and much more. I shared my goals with her, short term and long term, and we came up with a viable plan for my immediate and distant future. Three days after our meeting, Mandy was having a discussion with a friend of hers that is a local business owner who had a management position that she needed to be filled. Mandy was able to put me in contact with her to see what we could work out! Unfortunately the position that needed to be filled required a much larger time commitment than I was able to fulfill but the connections that were made are something that I will have forever!