Major Assessment

MyMajors is a major exploration assessment that will help you identify your best major fits at the University of Iowa based upon your academic aptitudes, interests, and personality.  MyMajors is a free assessment that takes about 15 minutes to complete.

Career Assessments

Career assessments are designed to help you understand how your personal attributes impact potential success and satisfaction with different career options and work environments.  While no assessment can perfectly capture who you are or predict what occupation you’ll pursue, they can help you narrow choices and discover options you may not have considered.  Taking an assessment is a first step in the career exploration process.  The Pomerantz Career Center offers the following career assessments:


  • FREE, online assessment that is comprised of 16 separate "brain game" exercises 
  • Identifies both your interests AND aptitudes allowing you to discover what makes you unique
  • Offers an interactive result profile that provides information on occupations that align with who you are and your abilities
  • Plan on 1.5 - 2 hours to complete the assessment; results are provided within 12 hours 
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  • FREE, online assessment that is comprised of five short inventories
  • Examine your interests, skills, personality, and values
  • Review and research majors and occupations that best match your profile
  • Plan on 20 - 30 minutes to complete the assessment; results are provided instantly
  • Register, create your account, and begin!  Note: The access code for our school is Hawks.