Job Listings by City/State

If you have a geographic location in mind and would like to begin your search by focusing in that area, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Use your networks! If you have family or friends located in the area, by all means start by connecting with them. Ask if they know anyone in the area who works in your field of interest and begin growing your network.
  • Use the city Chamber of Commerce. For instance, if you are interested in finding a job in Chicago, conduct a “Google” search on “Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce”, locate the member or business directory, and search for companies in your field. Often, the list will be hyperlinked directly to company websites where you can begin a targeted search.  Also, contact the Chamber and inquire about a young professionals network. In particular, large cities often have many resources for assisting young professionals with relocation and employment.
  • Become a pro at long-distance correspondence. See the Career Guide - page 42 for email correspondence etiquette and page 31 for tips on sending internet resumes.
  • Use library and internet resources - and professional association regional groups are first good steps.
  • Meet with your Career Coach. They may have connections in the industry and will be able to provide additional resources.


Click on the state to find links below for your particular geographical preferences.


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Newton International Michigan Job Search

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