Mock Interview/InterviewStream

Practice, practice, practice is always recommended when it comes to interviewing. After practicing several times, you will become more confident before the interview for the internship, school, or job of your dreams! Use any of the numerous resources the Pomerantz Career Center offers to help you prepare.

Three methods to help you prepare:

  1. InterviewStream
  2. Mock interview with an employer
  3. Meet with a Career Advisor to review your saved practice interview in InterviewStream (for pre-medical, pre-dental and other professional school applications) 


InterviewStream is an online interactive interview simulation tool that creates a compelling and realistic interview experience. You can use InterviewStream to develop your interview presentation skills prior to a mock interview or one-on-one interview with a professional. The program comes complete with over one thousand interview questions, answers, and hints that you can use on your home computer or in our office.

Stop by the Pomerantz Career Center front desk, call 319-335-1023, or visit to learn more about how you can use this free resource!

Mock Interview with an Employer

The purpose of a mock interview with an employer is to provide you with an opportunity to practice your interviewing skills in an environment similar to an actual interview. Mock interviews are a great opportunity to become familiar with commonly asked interview questions and interview etiquette. The Pomerantz Career Center offers mock interviews each semester to allow individuals to practice and improve their interviewing skills.

  • Interviews are 45 minutes total length - 20-25 minutes of interviewing and 10-15 minutes of critiquing.  Please   arrive approximately 15 minutes before your scheduled interview.  You may also bring with you any specific    questions about interviewing, job searching, resume writing, etc.
  • Interviewers are employers from surrounding communities who are volunteering their time to help you improve your interviewing skills. Make sure to research the company prior to the interview.
  • Dress professionally, as you would for an actual interview and bring a copy of your resume.

6 Steps to Sign Up for a Mock Interview

STEP 1: Go to - Students Log-In - enter your hawkid and password. This should take you to your profile page.

STEP 2: Enter or Update Profile Information.  Anything with a red * must be filled out.  

STEP 3: Upload Your Resume.  Select documents and click Add New.  Submit Resume.

Important: Your resume MUST be approved before signing up for a mock interview.  This could take up to 3 days.  You will receive an email to notify you of your resume approval status.

STEP 4: Hover over the Jobs & Internships tab, select Current Postings. Enter the keyword “Mock”. Select Search.

STEP 5: Select the mock interview you are interested in and click Apply.

Important: You MUST have an approved resume to apply for a mock interview.  If you do not have an approved resume, refer to step 3.  

STEP 6: Select the Interview Time.  Click Submit. Make sure the resume you would like the employer to see is the one that appears in the drop down box.

Schedule an Appointment to discuss the following topics 

  • What to expect and how to prepare for upcoming interviews or career fairs

  • Discuss and receive feedback on your saved InterviewStream interview.  There are general and topic-specific mock interviews in InterviewStream.  These include practice interviews for K-12 teaching, graduate school admissions, medical school, dental school, nursing, chiropractic, occupational therapy, optometry, pharmacy, physician assistant, physical therapy, podiatry, veterinary school and much more!