The Career Center offers courses for students on topics such as exploring careers and majors, researching graduate school, job search strategies and courses for the Certificate in Leadership Studies. Students hoping to gain skills in leadership and workplace skills like teamwork, communication, and office etiquette will also find courses available and of interest to them. 

Academic courses in career-related topics are available each semester for academic credit ranging from 1-3 s.h. per course. 

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Professional development courses give students the opportunity to engage in practical, hands-on, skills-based instruction relevant to careers and leadership development. The topics and curricula for the following courses incorporate input from employers, who were surveyed about their experiences, real-world examples, guidance, and the skills they most often seek when hiring new graduates.




"As an African American, I learned so much about cultural differences, and I really enjoyed that,” Smith says. “We talked about privilege and power and how those different dynamics play a role in so many sectors of our government and our world. The professor did a great job of explaining the content in a way that didn’t make the students feel like we were ignorant to the situation, and she encouraged everyone to engage in difficult conversations that helped us grow in so many ways."
Caleb Smith smiles
Caleb Smith, '19 | Political Science & Leadership Studies Certificate Learning to lead

Hawkeye Spotlight

Caleb Smith smiles

Learning to lead

Caleb Smith says the University of Iowa showed him that he can make a difference in the world—and he intends to do just that as he works towards his dream of becomeing a U.S. Senator.
Intern for the Denver Broncos and Hawkeye, Cole Cooper neils with a camera on an NFL football field

Hawkeye’s NFL gig is about more than a game

As the social content intern for the Denver Broncos, 2020 University of Iowa graduate Cole Cooper is combining his creative skills with his marketing education to help build the professional football team’s brand.
Student, Evita Woolsey sits with peer

Playing a key role in crucial research

Evita Woolsey came from California to the University of Iowa to pursue her interest in speech and hearing science. Through her involvement in an NIH-funded research project, the undergraduate is assessing children across the state and making connections with researchers on campus and beyond.

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Matt Augeri

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Lisa McKirgan

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