Much research has been done that shows being a person of color (BIPOC) can impact your job search.

Some studies tell us that there could be up to a 50% difference in interviews offered to non-BIPOC vs BIPOC students.

This means it is crucial to make sure your application materials are in stellar shape so that you are a strong competitor in an already tough job market. Some tips to help you succeed and increase your chances of landing an interview:

  • Highlight your assets by developing and strengthening your skills in the areas most valued by employers. Use the Career Center to gain more insight regarding this area.
  • Increase the number of job applications. In a stable economy, it takes on average 6-9 months to secure employment. Every application will not result in an interview, and every interview will not result in a job offer. Give yourself a fair shot by making time to dedicate attention to your job search and apply, apply, apply!
  • Make yourself stand out among the competition. Internships, academic projects, volunteer work, professional organizations in addition to good grades will make your resume more robust and make you a more attractive candidate. Get involved and highlight these achievements on your résumé and during the interview process in order to show that you are a top candidate.
  • Own your identity and make it work for you by showing companies that your diversity and unique background will be an asset. Get involved with affinity groups and professional organizations to foster your skills and abilities that will in turn prove valuable to potential employers.

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