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Organizations that don’t implement DEI practices miss out on opportunities to tap into their peoples’ potential. “Diverse teams are more innovative and make better decisions, and diverse companies have better shareholder returns,” according to the study Unrealized Impact. 

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Workplace Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Report: Understanding the DEI landscape

By gathering data from hundreds of companies globally, this workplace DEI 2022 report by Culture Amp uncovers what strategies move the needle and which initiatives to leave off the best practices lists.

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Use this free self-assessment tool to gauge your operation’s current status related to and progress toward goals around diversity and inclusion.


The True Value of Bringing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Into Your Workplace

In today’s business world, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are often treated as buzzwords that often amount to little more than a mandatory annual training. But the reality is, when you make DEI a priority, every facet of your organization benefits, including the bottom line. 

Begin your journey by learning what DEI truly is and understanding the value it can bring to your company.

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4 Critical DEI Trends To Watch In 2023

As the social impact landscape continuously evolves, it's fundamental that we are receptive and welcoming of the progressive changes that lie ahead. 

nurture inclusion at the workplace

11 Incredibly Powerful Ways To Nurture Inclusion At The Workplace

In a recent Deloitte survey, 80% of employees consider inclusion an essential factor in choosing an employer.

But what does having an inclusive workplace culture truly mean? Is it the same as having a diverse workforce?


Let's take a look.

Illegal Interview Questions

What Not to Ask Candidates...

Asking questions on these topics can result in charges of discrimination, an investigation by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), and potentially a lawsuit if the issue cannot be resolved.

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Hear their voice.

The best way to learn about the needs of future and current employees is to listen to their experiences and adapt as needed. 

Exploring the Concept of "Fit"

Codeswitching & How to Address It

How to Address Bias in the Workplace

Inviting Inclusivity Webinars

The Pomerantz Career Center is committed to promoting meaningful and educational interactions between employers and UI students. We recently hosted a series of webinars titled “Inviting Inclusivity” featuring panels of students, employers, and staff to discuss the many layers of inclusive recruiting and hiring practices.

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Brianna Bennett

Assistant Director, Employer Engagement
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Celebrating National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Hosted in collaboration with UI Student Disability Services in recognition of NDEAM

​​​​​​​Welcomed @ Work: Student Panel
Highlighting Your Inclusive Recruiting Techniques
Inclusive Employer Best Practices