Successful employers have recognized the need for action and policy regarding diversity initiatives and understand the benefits of having a diverse employee base.

An organization's commitment to diversity should be important to all job candidates in selecting companies of interest.

If you are job searching, utilize the resources found on the DEI for Job Seekers page. If you are an employer, check out DEI for Employers to assist you in developing diversity policies and efforts.

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DEI for Job Seekers

Ask the right questions to make the right decisions. Find employers that value your identities and the life experience you'll bring when hired.

nurture inclusion at the workplace

DEI for Employers

Are you ready to invest in a new, more diverse generation? Put your company to the test. 


Hawkeye Spotlight

Hector Sanchez

Learning to decode the brain

Growing up in Puerto Rico, Héctor Sánchez Meléndez made up his mind to study the brain and go to medical school. But as a neuroscience major at the University of Iowa, he has discovered a passion for research. Now, he wants to establish a lab back home.
Ann Kreitman stands smiling surrounded by empty theater chairs

Bringing queer history to life on stage

Ann Kreitman found community at the LGBTQ Iowa Archives and Library, as well as a wealth of stories to tell in her work in the theater.
Guadalupe De La Rosa

Taking the reins with confidence and compassion

At the University of Iowa, Guadalupe De La Rosa found an environment where she could push herself to be a leader, take part in the crucial cycle of mentorship, and better embrace her cultural background.