Students register internships to:

  • Receive course credit or transcript notation
  • Reflect on the experience
  • Meet a requirement of their employer or degree program
  • Maintain enrollment as a student

Steps to Register

1. Log into your Handshake account. 
You must have confirmed an experience prior to requesting to register for an internship course. 

2. Click on "Career Center" from the left navigation, then "Experiences" in the middle of the page, and "Submit an Experience" - complete the form by picking the "Experience Type" that aligns with the course you want to take (see Options for Registering section on this page for courses). Make sure to include the supervisor's email address. F1 & J1 students must also request CPT approval from ISSS. You will take a screenshot of your Handshake Experience entry and submit it in iHawk.

3. Within one week of adding your internship information on Handshake, you will receive an email and a note in Handshake with instructions for adding the internship course on MyUI. If you do not add the internship course on MyUI, it will not appear on your transcript and you will not be officially registered for the course.  Note: International students who are on a F-1 or J-1 visa and are requesting 0-credit Hour Internship & Transcript Notation  or CCP:1201 Academic Internship course must register for the course on MyUI per Federal law in order to meet the registration requirements.

For all Internships: To receive the passing grade, you must complete the Career-Ready Bystander Training and Midterm Evaluation. 

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Options for Registering

These are the options you will see listed in "Experience Type" on the Handshake form. The links share eligibility requirements. Once you have discussed your options with your academic advisor and decided which course to register for, you will seek approval of your internship for the course via the Handshake form. Career Center staff review these forms and then notify you of approval. Once approved, you are administratively released to officially register for the course on MyUI.

Important Deadlines

DeadlinesSpring 2024Summer 2024Fall 2024
Enter internship information on Handshake
Now through February 9Now through June 20Now through September 13
Last day to register or change existing registration on MyUI
January 22June 9September 2
Beginning today you must "Initiate an Add Request on MyUI" -
January 23June 10September 3
$100 late registration fee begins
January 30June 24September 10
PCC Academic Internship Course - 
Last day to register for the semester
February 9June 20September 13
0 Credit Hour Course - Last day to register for the semesterFebruary 16June 25September 20
Interns complete the midterm evaluation
March 4 - April 5June 26 - July 19October 7 - November 15
Supervisors complete the evaluation
April 1 - April 26July 5 - 31October 21 - November 22


Internships can only be registered for credit or for transcript notation during the term they are occurring, and registrations must follow course registration deadlines (see Important Deadlines above).  The internship and course must be at the same time. 

If you have already completed an internship, you cannot register it retroactively but you should make sure to put it on your resume or CV and update any online career profiles you have (ex. LinkedIn).

If your internship is abroad, you are required to meet with staff in Study Abroad (1-319-335-0353) to discuss safety, health, and cultural context.  You must complete Study Abroad's travel registry before you will be approved for a Pomerantz Career Center internship course.  You will use the Internships Abroad option in Handshake when requesting approval for registration.   

The mistake that is most often made when requesting approval to register for an internship course is the failure to include the start and end date of the internship or failure to put the supervisor email address in the Handshake form. Staff cannot approve your experience without these details.

If you complete the forms on Handshake and your internship is not approved, Career Center staff will ask questions about your experience to clarify hours, job duties, or supervision.  The Career Center will coach you on talking to your employer about changes so that the experience will meet the course requirements. If changes are made, the Career Center may then approve your experience for internship course registration.

You will choose one of these options in Handshake - Zero Credit Hour Internship & Transcript Notation; CCP:1201 Academic Internship  (1-3 credits); or the Field Experience for CPT Requirement .  International students in the Leadership Certificate will enroll in the LS:3011 Leadership Certificate Capstone. 

Once you have input your experience in Handshake, you will take a screenshot of your form and upload it to iHawk to finalize your Curricular Practical Training (CPT) approval.

More CPT information here.

Your supervisor is the person at your internship site who you will be meeting with regularly, overseeing your work, and providing you feedback.  They will be sent an evaluation near the end of the term for CCP:1201 Academic Internship, LS:3011, and the zero credit hour internship courses. Your supervisor is not your academic advisor, honors advisor, or course instructor.  Make sure to input your supervisor's email address in the form on Handshake.  If your supervisor changes over the course of your internship, let your course instructor know and the Handshake form will be updated.

Some internships may be eligible for honors program credit. Discuss requirements with your Honors Program advisor. 

If you would like to have your internship experience noted on your transcript for 0 credit hours, you must first register as a non-degree student with the Office of Admissions. You must also be set up to register for the semester - please do so by contacting the Academic Advising office at 319-353-5700. Once you have been admitted as a non-degree seeking student and have received a “registration number”, please follow the steps under the "Instructions for Registering" above. 

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