Successful employers have recognized the need for action and policy regarding diversity initiatives and understand the benefits of having a diverse employee base.

An organization's commitment to diversity should be important to all job candidates in selecting companies of interest. As you begin your job search, utilize the resources below to assist you in researching a company's diversity policies and efforts.

Tips for Researching Diversity Policies

  • Visit the employer's website to see if the organization describes diversity goals and programs.
    • Read the mission/vision statement - what does the organization value?
    • Review recruitment literature and advertisements - how is the company representing itself?
    • Search for internal affinity groups - does the organization encourage employee groups to form around certain common interests, such as ethnicity?
    • Question the commitment to community outreach - does the company volunteer, donate resources or money, sponsor events, or partner with community organizations devoted multicultural issues?
    • Look for minority representation at all levels of the organization, including senior management levels and the Board of Directors.
    • Be hesitant if  you cannot locate any diversity statements or policies for a company.
  • Review rankings, surveys, and lists of the top diversity companies.
  • Research an employer's compliance with federal laws by checking to see if lawsuits involving civil rights violations have been filed against the company.
  • Schedule informational interviews with current employees to ask about company culture and diversity efforts.
    • Does the company view serving diverse communities as a comprehensive business advantage?

    • Do they understand the needs of various multicultural groups?

    • It's okay to ask what a company is doing to contribute to overall diversity and inclusion efforts.

  • Ask those in your network (family, friends, colleagues) about their knowledge of a company's commitment to diversity.

Focus on employers that value diversity and are listed on company diversity ranking lists:

Utilize the job boards listed below to find companies that are seeking candidates of diverse backgrounds: