Reporting/Credit Options

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Tell Us About Your Experience - for reporting purposes only, does not count for transcript notation or CPT registration   

Pomerantz Career Center Courses

Zero Credit Hour Course and Transcript Notation - transcript notation, 0 credit hours, no tuition fees
                                                                                 - This does not meet CPT/Academic Training requirements for students on an 
                                                                                    F-1 or J-1 visa doing full-time internships during the fall or spring.

Academic Internship Course - 1-3 credit hours, tuition fee on the hours, counts towards elective hours

Internship Courses in Academic Departments/Colleges

It may be possible for you to register your internship through your department. Some departments have internship courses that can be used by their majors in certain circumstances.

Students wishing to pursue this option should contact their academic advisor or the departmental internship coordinator to find out whether their major department offers an internship course, whether they would be eligible to use the course, and whether their internship would qualify for academic credit.

Tippie College of Business Internship Course Options

FileCollege of Liberal Arts & Sciences

FileCollege of Education

FileCollege of Engineering

FileCollege of Law

FileCollege of Nursing

FileUniversity College

If your internship does not qualify for an academic internship through your department, you may be able to register it for the 0 credit hour course and transcript notation or the academic internship course through the Pomerantz Career Center - see those options at the top of this page.