Registration/Credit Options

Steps for Registering For a Pomerantz Career Center Internship Course

*You can view internship policies regarding Covid-19 here and visit to find out what Iowa is doing and what you can do to mitigate risk.


  1. Log into your Handshake account.
    Please note: You must have an experience that has been confirmed with an employer prior to requesting to register for an internship course.
  2. Click on "Career Center" at the top, then "Experiences" in the middle of the page and "Request an Experience" - complete the form including the supervisor's email address
    • F1 & J1 students must also request CPT approval from ISSS
  3. Within one week of adding your internship information on Handshake, you will receive an email with instructions for adding the internship course on MyUI. If you do not add the internship course on MyUI, it will not appear on your transcript. 
    • If it's before the registration period for that semester, you won't receive an email until the registration period opens.
    • If it's after the deadline for registering on MyUI for that semester, you will receive an email with instructions for having an add slip processed instead. 
  4. To receive the passing grade of "R" for the course, you must complete a Midterm Evaluation (it will be emailed at Midterm).
    PDF iconExample Student Midterm Evaluation
    PDF iconExample Supervisor Evaluation (emailed to supervisor at the end of the internship)


Questions? Call the Pomerantz Career Center at 335-1023 or email Jennifer Noyce.


Be sure to review these dates before registering for the 0 Credit or Academic option from the chart below! 

    Options for Registering

      Can be used for CPT Requirement 
    for F1 & J1 Students
    Can be used for 
    Tippie RISE Requirement
    Credit Hours Offered
    Must pay tuition for the hours
    Transcript Notation Offered Hours Requirement Midterm Evaluation or Additional Coursework Required
    F-1 & J-1 Zero Credit Hour Internship for CPT Requirement Yes No No Yes Must be 10+ hours per week for 8 (spring) -10 weeks (summer) Just midterm evaluation
    0 Credit Hour Internship & Transcript Notation No No No Yes
    Must be 10+ hours per week for 8 (spring) -10 weeks (summer)
    Just midterm evaluation
    F-1 & J-1 CCP:1201 Academic Internship (1-3 Credit Hours) - for CPT Yes Yes Yes Yes Must be 6 weeks minimum Midterm evaluation and additional coursework
    CCP:1201 Academic Internship (1-3 Credit Hours) No Yes Yes Yes Must be 6 weeks minimum Midterm evaluation and additional coursework
    Field Experience for CPT Requirement Yes No No No - no registration on MyUI Must be less than 10 hours per week or a less than 8 weeks in length No requirements
    LS:3011 Leadership Certificate Capstone            
    Winterim Externship - CCP:1017 No No No Yes Must be for a short duration during winter break only
    CCP:2020 Washington Center Internship Program  Yes Yes Yes + Fee Yes For students participating in the Washington Center Internship program only See website for details

    Special Situations

    What if I have already graduated?
    If you are a recent graduate looking for work experience or considering a career change, an internship can be a great way to get an "insider's" view of a new career. An internship will help you gain valuable experience and will also help you decide if it is the right field for you.

    If you would like to have your internship experience noted on your transcript for 0 credit hours, you must first register as a non-degree student with the Office of Admissions. You must also be set up to register for the semester - please do so by contacting the Academic Advising office at 319-353-5700. Once you have been admitted as a non-degree seeking student and have received a “registration number”, please follow the steps under the "Instructions for Registering" button above.

    What if I am an F-1 or J-1 student needing to register for Curricular Practical Training (CPT)?
    You may want to choose one of these options in HireaHawk - F-1 & J-1 Zero Credit Hour Internship for CPT requirement or the Field Experience option if your experience is < 10 hours per week or for a short duration (under 8 weeks). If you are wanting to register for 1-3 credit hours, you will want to request for CCP:1201 Academic Internship instead. 

    What if my internship is abroad?
    If your internship is abroad, the Pomerantz Career Center strongly encourages you to meet with staff in the Office of Study Abroad (1-319-335-0353) to discuss safety, health, and cultural context.  You must complete the Office of Study Abroad's travel registry before you will be approved for a Pomerantz Career Center internship course.  

    Can I get honors credit for an internship?
    Some internships may be eligible for honors program credit. Discuss requirements with your Honors Program advisor.


    Internship Courses Offered Through an Academic Department/College

    It may be possible for you to register your internship through your department. Some departments have internship courses that can be used by their majors in certain circumstances.

    Students wishing to pursue this option should contact their academic advisor or the departmental internship coordinator to find out whether their major department offers an internship course, whether they would be eligible to use the course, and whether their internship would qualify for academic credit.