Reporting/Credit Options

STEPS FOR REGISTERING (You must have a confirmed experience set up with an employer before you can request to register for an internship course).

  • Log into your Handshake account
  • Go to "Career Center" at the top, then "Experiences" and "Request an Experience" - complete the form including the supervisor's email address

           *F-1 & J-1 students - make sure you also request CPT approval from ISSS

  •  Within one week of adding your internship information on Handshake, you will receive an email with instructions for adding the internship course on MyUI. If you do not add the internship course on MyUI, it will not appear on your transcript. 
  • To receive the passing grade of "R" for the course, you must complete a Midterm Evaluation. You will receive an email at Midterm with instructions for completing this short online evaluation.

Questions? Call the Pomerantz Career Center at 335-1023 or email Sherry Rhinehart

If you are unsure which option you would like to register for, please click on these options to view details or contact a member of the Experiential Education Team at 319-335-1023. 

  • F-1 & J-1 Zero Credit Hour Internship for CPT Requirement
    - For F-1 & J-1 students only to fulfill CPT requirement
  • 0 Credit Hour Internship & Transcript Notation 
    - For students not needing to fulfill CPT requirement
    - For students wanting transcript notation, 0 credit hours and no tuition fees 
  • CCP:1201 Academic Internship (1-3 Credit Hours)
    - For both domestic and F-1 & J-1 students wanting to receive 1-3 credit hours
    - Tuition will be charged for the hours registered for
    - Counts towards elective hours
  • LS:3011 Leadership Certificate Capstone
  • Winterim Externship - CCP:1017
    - For domestic students participating in a short term experience during winter break
  • Field Experience for CPT Requirement 
    - For F-1 & J-1 students participating in short term experiences (less than 8 weeks) or less than 10 hours per week, needing to fulfill CPT requirement
  • CCP:2020 Washington Center Internship Program 
    - For all students participating in the Washington Center Internship Program 
  • x -  Just want to report my internship and do not want to register
    - For all students wanting to report an internship, but not register it. No transcript notation or course credit is given - for tracking purposes only
    - This does not fulfill CPT requirements

    -To report your internship without transcript notation or credit, log into Handshake. Then click on "Career Center" & then "Experience".  After you have hit "Request an Experience", pick "Just want to report my internship and do not want to register" under Experience Type options.
  • Volunteer, Service Learning & Philanthropies - Track My Hours
    - For students wanting to report and track their Volunteer, Service Learning or Philanthropy hours
    - No transcript notation or course credit is given - for tracking purposes only
    -To log your hours, sign in to Handshake. Then click on "Career Center" & then "Experience".  After you have hit "Request an Experience", pick "Volunteer, Service Learning, and Philanthropies - Track My Hours" under Experience Type options.

Internship Courses in Academic Departments/Colleges - please click on a link below to see requirements and registration instructions. 

It may be possible for you to register your internship through your department. Some departments have internship courses that can be used by their majors in certain circumstances.

Students wishing to pursue this option should contact their academic advisor or the departmental internship coordinator to find out whether their major department offers an internship course, whether they would be eligible to use the course, and whether their internship would qualify for academic credit.

Tippie College of Business Internship Course Options

FileCollege of Liberal Arts & Sciences

FileCollege of Education

FileCollege of Engineering

FileCollege of Law

FileCollege of Nursing

FileUniversity College

If your internship does not qualify for an academic internship through your department, you may be able to register it for the 0 credit hour course and transcript notation or the academic internship course through the Pomerantz Career Center - see those options at the top of this page.