We have transitioned to Handshake to power our system and the site will have a look more similar to LinkedIn or Facebook. 

Handshake is the fast and powerful new recruiting platform for sourcing University of Iowa students and alumni.  It uses cutting edge technology to better connect you with qualified candidates.

Use HireaHawk (powered by Handshake) to post job and internship listings, register for career fairs, manage on-campus recruiting, advertise your events, and message students and alumni who meet your qualifications. You will also be able to promote your brand more effectively by customizing your employer profile, job postings, and events to be more visually appealing to students.

We made the decision to switch to Handshake because the platform is more intuitive for students to use and it allows employers to have one account and to be able to easily post positions across multiple schools. 

HireaHawk and Handshake are interchangeable. They are referring to the same system we use for postings, on-campus interviews etc. HireaHawk is our "branding" name - the site is powered by Handshake. Summer 2019 we changed the name to just Handshake so it is easier for students to know which system they are in.

Access Handshake's Employer Help Center

Participate in Handshake virtual training - these include live training sessions, recorded training sessions and office hours.

Review the FAQs below

Create a ticket for Handshake support.

Contact us at 319-335-1023 or sherry-rhinehart@uiowa.edu or sara-burden@uiowa.edu

Under normal circumstances it typically takes 2-3 days to process pending employer approval requests. If your request is not complete in this timeframe, please log into Handshake and check your notifications for any comments on your registration.

If you have an urgent need to post a job or internship listing for our students, please contact us at 319-335-1023 

We are listed in the Handshake system as University of Iowa.  Try typing "Iowa" to narrow down your search.

Read this Handshake article for assistance on how to switch to the correct organization.

Please review this Handshake article. More job posting-related questions are answered here

Your job will not actually post to a school and show up under Job Postings until your account is approved at a particular school.  You should be able to find all jobs under Job Templates.

There are a number of applicant preferences you can set in your job postings that can affect your applicant pool, including graduation date range or school year, majors, and GPA. This Understanding Job Preferences article describes how these preferences work.

Attracting the right students to your job posting requires using preferences wisely, writing a compelling job description, and sometimes, proactive outreach to students. Our Employer team is happy to talk to you to strategize around your job postings and campus recruiting strategy. Contact us at 319-335-1023 to schedule a Recruiting at Iowa call.

See this Handshake Article

If you already have a Handshake account - to register for a fair, click on "Fairs" from the left navigation. Type University of Iowa in the search area and then click on the event you are interested in. You will see a Register" button in the upper right hand corner. To view your registrations, click "Fairs" from the left navigation menu and then select "Show Registered Only." We recommend you click “Follow Career Fair” on fairs you’ve registered for to receive updates and easily find them in the future.

If you don't have a Handshake account - sign-up and create your account. Then you can follow the steps above. 

If you need additional assistance, please contact Jo Halsch at 319-335-1023 or joanna-halsch@uiowa.edu.

Click "Interviews" from the left navigation. Then click on "Request Interview Schedule”. Fill out the form and submit. Choose University of Iowa. Please provide as much information as possible. Your request will be reviewed within two business days. If you don't see the Interviews tab, contact us at 319-335-1023 to request access to the service.  If you need additional assistance, please review this Handshake help article.