On-Campus Interviews

The Pomerantz Career Center has world-class interviewing facilities and is able to accommodate phone and Skype interviews. The center hosts more than 4,900 interviews annually.

Recruiting Calendar 

Employer User Agreement and Posting Guidelines


To request an on-campus interview schedule, you will need to have a HireaHawk.com account. Log-In or Register using the HireaHawk.com - Employer button in the lower left hand corner.


Instructions for Requesting Your Schedule and Attaching Positions
(once you have created your HireaHawk.com account)

Request an Interview Schedule

  • Click on “On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)” on the left navigation bar
  • Scroll down and click “Schedules", Request a Schedule” - this will allow you to choose a date and how many rooms you would like to reserve. You can also add notes to your schedule - for example, if you would like 1 hour back to back interviews or if you will need a conference room. 
  • Schedule Types - 
    • Room only - this is to request a room only - you will build your own schedule outside of the system (for ex: build your schedule at a career fair) 
    • Pre-Select and Pre-Select to Alternate - You will collect resumes through HireaHawk.com and review resumes/invite students to interview. You must attach a position for students to apply to. 
    • Open - rarely used – students can automatically sign-up for an interview if they meet the screening criteria on the posting – contact does not have to invite.
  • Complete all fields and Submit. Your request will be processed within 24 hours and you will receive a system generated confirmation email with details.

Attach Positions to an Interview Schedule (once the schedule is approved)

  • Click on“On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)” on the left navigation bar
  • Find the schedule date and “Attach Position”
  • Click Copy/Create a New Position
  • Enter job title either by using the drop down arrow to copy a position or enter a new position
  • If copying, remove “Copy” from the title
  • Fill in all required fields and click “Save and Finish”
  • If attaching more than one position to a schedule, click “Save and Attach Another”
  • When multiple schedules need positions, click “View Another Schedule” on the left
  • If attaching the same position to another schedule, click “Link a Position From Another Schedule”

Edit Positions attached to an Interview Schedule

  • Click on “On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)”on the left navigation bar
  • Click on the job title to make the changes and then click “Submit"

View an Interview Schedule

  • Click on “On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)” on the left navigation bar
  • Click on “Schedules” 
  • Click the Interview Date 
  • Click “View Interview Schedule”

Create Resume Packets for an Interview Schedule

  • Click on “On-Campus Recruiting” on the left navigation bar
  • Choose the “Applicants” tab
  • Filter for position and click “Apply Search”
  • Click the plus sign so all students names have check marks
  • Click “Generate Book” and give the publication a name then “Submit Request”
  • You will receive an email when the packet is ready to download
  • Click “Done” and be sure to un-mark the check boxes next to the applicants names by clicking the minus sign.
  • To download the resume packet once it’s complete, go to the “On-Campus Recruiting” tab, click on the “Publications Request” tab and then click on the .pdf icon in the View/Download column – print or save the file to your computer
  • The resume packet will remain in the “Publications Request” tab for one week

Make Pre-Selects for an Interview Schedule

  • Click on “On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)” on the left navigation bar
  • Click on “Applicants” 
  • Filter by position and click “Apply Search”
  • Choose Invited, Alternate or Not Invited under the Status column or -
  • Checkmark the boxes next to the students names, click the drop down arrow in the box “Change Status To” and then choose Invited, Alternate or Not Invited – be sure to clear the checkmarks before making the next status selection

Add Students That Have Not Applied to Your Pre-Select List

  • Click on “On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)” on the left navigation bar
  • Click on the date of the schedule you want to add the student to
  • Scroll down the page to view the applicants and click “Add New”
  • Enter the students name in the keyword area, click “Go” and select the student name from the drop down
  • Choose the position to add that student to and the status and then click “Submit”

Email Students from an Interview Schedule

  • Click on “On-Campus Recruiting (OCR)” on the left navigation bar
  • Click on the “Applicants” tab
  • Click the plus sign to choose all of the students and then Click “Mail to Checked”
  • Create the email message by completing all fields – do not use the cc or bcc fields, instead use the Send Copy to field if you would like someone other than the students to receive a copy of the email and click “Continue” then click “Send Message"
  • Important - Click the “Applicants” tab to unclick the students names by clicking the minus sign 

Day of Your Interviews

  • You should receive an email one week prior to your interviews with instructions on where to park. If you haven't received this email, please call 319-335-1023. View Parking and Lodging Information under "Plan Your Visit" in the left hand menu.
  • When you arrive, please check-in at the Pomerantz Career Center main reception desk on the 3rd floor. Our office is typically open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Please let someone on the Employer Relations Team know if you are going to need to check-in early or stay later (you can also note this when requesting your schedules). The front desk will ask for a business card and a copy of your schedule if it is a room only schedule. In your interview room, you will find a folder and a packet of your interviewees and their resumes. Note: For the day after the career fair interviews, please check on your location. Interviews will also take place in the Iowa Memorial Union after our large fairs. 


For assistance requesting or updating your schedules, please contact the Employer Relations Team at 319-335-1023.