On-Campus Interviews

We will be offering hybrid schedules during the fall. When you request your schedule through Handshake, you will choose the appropriate timeline for Virtual or In-Person and indicate if virtual in the title and description of the schedule.

See the Virtual Interviewing page for details.

The Pomerantz Career Center has world-class interviewing facilities - hosting approximately 5,000 interviews annually.

To request an interview schedule, you will need to have a Handshake account. 

How to Post an Interview Schedule to a School 
(once you have created your Handshake account)

  • Click on “Interviews” on the left navigation bar
  • Click the "Request Interview Schedule" tab in the upper right hand corner
  • Fill out each section. Once you have selected your interview date, interview timeline and interview slot template, you can move to the next step which is Jobs. 
  • Choose the job would like to attach to the interview schedule (you will see options for creating a new job, copying a job but not bringing over the applicants or using an existing job and bringing the applicants)  
  • If you are not ready to post a position, you can click "Remind Me Later". 
  • Select "Review" from the bottom tabs
  • Select "Request"
  • Your interview schedule will now be sent to the University of Iowa (if selected) and will be reviewed within 2 business days. You will be notified when your schedule has been approved or declined. 
  • For more details, see the Handshake Help Center Article - How to Post an Interview Schedule to a School 

View these Help Center Articles with Screen Shots for details on employer deadlines, adding students, downloading applicants, managing interview schedule applicants, editing your schedule and more.  

Tips & Best Practices 

  • Requesting a Schedule - Request your schedule at least 2 weeks in advance so students have time to apply. If you need to request a schedule with 2 days or less notice, please contact Sherry Rhinehart in addition to requesting on Handshake so we can make sure we can accommodate your request in time.
  • Hours - Our typical interviews take place between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Please let someone on the Employer Relations Team know if you are going to need to check-in early or stay later (you can also note this when requesting your schedules).
  • Schedule Types - Choose the appropriate schedule type for your needs - 
    Room Only - A room will be reserved in Handshake, but the slots will be managed by you outside of Handshake. You can select students for this interview schedule, but they will
                          not be able to take slots in Handshake.
    Pre-Select - Specify an application period and a signup period. Primary and alternate student choices are selected by you after the application period. Primary candidates are
                        allowed to sign up before alternate candidates. 
    Open - Specify an application period where if students meet the qualifications set on the interview they can take slots. The students will be able to take a slot immediately after
    Pre-Select Continuous - Similar to Pre-Select, but there isn't a specific application and signup period - it is a rolling application and sign-up period. With this type of schedule,
                                           you do have to be in the system more and checking for new submissions on a regular basis. You would invite students to interview on a "rolling basis."
  • Interview Checklist
    • Review your schedule details and timelines to make sure they are correct - contact Career Services if any updates are needed or if you need any special accommodations such as a white board or if you will be bringing multiple recruiters and will need a larger room etc. 
    • Attach your positions and edit time slots and rooms - remove timeslots as needed, attach positions to rooms and/or set up interview groups 
    • Check for and pre-select applicants - invite them to interview
    • Monitor sign-ups - reach out to Career Services if sign-ups are low
  • Parking - You should receive an email one week prior to your interviews with instructions on where to park.
    If you haven't received this email, please call 319-335-1023. View Parking and Lodging Information under "Plan Your Visit" in the left hand menu.
  • Arrival - When you arrive on-campus, please check-in at the Pomerantz Career Center main reception desk on the 3rd floor of the Pomerantz Center. Our office is typically open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The front desk will ask for a business card and a copy of your schedule if it is a room only schedule. In your interview room, you will find a folder and a packet of your interviewees and their resumes. Note: For the day after the career fair interviews, please check on your location. Interviews will also take place in the Iowa Memorial Union after our large fairs. 

For assistance requesting or updating your schedules, please see the Help Center articles above or contact the Employer Relations Team at 319-335-1023.