At the University of Iowa, there are many options for connecting with students - click on an item to learn more.

One of the values of using Handshake as our official career recruitment tool is all the possibilities the online app provides to connect with students and recruit in various ways. 

Handshake allows Employers to set up their own virtual and in-person events and specify which industry and major categories to tag your events so that students who match can find it. of the students, which school(s), and whichever topics you'd like to cover/

Career Fairs are held each semester at the University of Iowa and online. Employers gain one-on-one time with qualified students who are job seeking and may be the right fit for your company. It's a great recruitment opportunity, and the Pomerantz Career Center allows employers to use our state of the art interview suite to set up in-person interviews with students the next day while you are visiting campus.

Mock interviews are a great way for students to practice their interview skills with an experienced professional. The experience is beneficial for students as well as employers; students gain added interview experience and employers get the opportunity to meet students who will soon be interviewing for positions as well as increasing awareness of your brand on campus.

Our mock interview program, "Mid-Week Mocks," takes place one week per month on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays during both the fall and spring semesters.

How it works:

  • Interviews are normally held from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1-4 p.m.
  • Each interview is 45 minutes - 30 minutes for the interview, 10 minutes for feedback, and 5 minutes for a short break. 
  • Organizations participating may bring one or more representatives to host multiple schedules.

If you are a student interested in participating, please sign up on Handshake.

If you are an employer interested in volunteering your time through the mock interview program, please contact Bri Bennett, Assistant Director for Employer Engagement, at 319-335-1023. Some limitations may apply based on space and timing.

Career Treks are a great opportunity to develop brand recognition among the student body, market your internship and full-time job opportunities, and educate students on your hiring process and timeline.

Learn more.

The University of Iowa is home to hundreds of student organizations.

Presentations for student groups are scheduled far in advance and are available on a limited basis. If a representative from your organization is interested in speaking to a student organization, please contact the group as early as your plans allow. For more information, contact the Employer Relations Team at 319-335-1023.

Professionals from various industries can offer a great deal of valuable knowledge and experience to students in the classroom. Some employers have been asked - or have offered - to speak in classrooms about their professional experiences and expertise on a topic within the discipline that fits with the syllabus. Presentations are dependent on the curriculum established by the course instructor and their availability.

The Pomerantz Career Center offers a number of academic courses where we love employers to participate in class panels, networking events, and serve as speakers on various topics.

If you are interested in participating in a classroom presentation, please contact Employer Relations Team at 319-335-1023. 

An externship is a professional learning experience much like an internship, but with a shorter time frame. Instead of playing a long-term supporting role, externs shadow industry professionals and learn more about the company and the job field. This is to give students authentic experience in the fields they might be interested in so they can make informed career choices.

Interested? Download our Employer Externship Guide for more information.

In addition to student facing opportunities, we also have opportunities for employers to engage with our career advisors.  3 Questions with an Employers allows employers to speak directly to the career advisors, expanding the reach of your organization.   

  • Occurs once a month  
  • Employers will be asked 3 standard questions and be allowed to showcase their organization in a quick 15-20 minute session

Engage with students through in-person or virtual information sessions that highlight your employer brand and/or help students navigate the recruiting process.

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Outside of the traditional posting of a position or requesting an interview schedule, here are some ways you can connect with students -

Sponsorship Opportunities

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Want to get involved?

Please let us know if you would like to be involved in classroom panels, networking events etc. 

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